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Johann Callaghan (ITEC, IFPA, MIFPA, MWIBN) was born in Dublin,Ireland. She is an Author, Speaker, Educator, Holistic Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Entrepreneur, busy mum, Organiser of the Empowering Mind Body & Soul Expo, June 2017 and Micro Biz Awards (MBA), 2016 winner. She has featured many times on radio interviews and the author of 'How to get a good night's sleep'. She is an expert on Sleep and passionate about educating and empowering mothers to be their own self-care advocates.
Johann Callaghan is passionate about Empowering you to discover how you can take back control of your sleep, health & happiness. As an author, speaker and online trainer, she helps people overcome their health frustrations by taking simple actions to take back control of their health in workshops, talks and online courses.


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