How to get a good night's sleep...Seminar series

how to get a good nights sleep seminar series

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep for Weight Loss

Optimise your Sleep, Optimise your Weight Loss!
 Discover How to Lose Weight while you Sleep.

27th February, 2019
7:30pm - 9pm


Good quality sleep has a massive impact on your body composition and how it can help you lose weight and burn fat. Sleep helps regulate hormones that govern appetite and metabolism.

Poor sleep isn’t the only factor in weight gain. There are several factors including your genetics, your diet and exercise/movement habits, your stress, and any health conditions you may have. But the evidence is overwhelming: when sleep goes down, weight goes up. Your diet and exercise alone does not impact it more than sleep does. Sleep has a huge impact on your endocrine system. When your sleep becomes shorter, you are more susceptible to weight gain. Did you know, if you’re sleep deprived, your physical activities and exercise can cause dramatic weight loss from lean muscle mass and not your fat stores.

sleep for weight loss

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • Why Sleep is absolutely necessary for effective fat loss
  • How your hormones can optimise your body composition
  • Why your circadian rhythm could be the key to a healthy metabolism 
  • How food nutrition and movement are optimised with great sleep
  • When stress affects your metabolic processes and what you can do

Seminar February 27th | Dublin

louis fitzgerald hotel

Newlands Cross, Dublin 22

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