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Ep#44 Corona Sleep Pt2: The Food and Sleep Connection

We know that sleep and the food we eat have a very big connection. Overeating and eating convenience foods is a problem many of us are encountering as a result not sleeping well. So when you sleep better, you have a probability of eating better too.  Studies have clearly shown that sleep deprivation can alter […]

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Ep#43 Corona Sleep Pt1: Exercise, Movement and Sunshine

Welcome to the Corona Sleep, 6 week podcast series on the Empowering Family Health show….. Millions of people around the world have difficulty sleeping, and with covid 19 that problem has only gotten worse. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has made getting a good night’s rest significantly harder. Some experts even have a term for it: […]

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Ep#39 Self-Knowledge is Self-Power | Jacqui Taaffe

Jacqui is an executive life coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker with 25 years managerial experience in the development and progression of people. She will help you boost your confidence and self-belief and discover what’s holding you back, get unstuck and develop a can-do mindset, to overcome your fears and create the life you want. When […]

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