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Practical Approach to Getting Asleep: Welcome

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I’m so excited that you’re here and eager to learn more. This amazing free course, Practical Approach to Getting Asleep, starts in just a few days, and you can watch the entire course for free at your convenience—right up until June 4th.

Here’s what you can expect, so mark your calendar:

  • Lesson 2 – Available Monday, Sept 18th
  • Lesson 3 – Available Tuesday, Sept 19th
  • LIVE Q&A Call – Wednesday, Sept 20th (recording will be posted here)
  • Last day to watch for free – Free viewing period ends Sunday, Sept 24th

Stay up to date with the latest announcements. You’ll receive email reminders as soon as the videos are released, and also details on getting your questions answered during the live Q&A. To ensure that you get all of the course updates and announcements, please “whitelist” me in your email program. Thank you.

I look forward to connecting with you online!

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