Starts August 31st (Orientation)

7pm (UK/Irish)

6 Weekly Calls on Zoom

This is a LIVE online event

Getting a solid night's sleep is tough because busy schedules, screens, and stress all team up to make it tricky to catch those Zzz's

I get it! - The constant struggle of trying to find a way to get better sleep  and have more energy.  This can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated and it seems like nothing else you've tried has brought you the relief you want.

But here's the thing: you're not alone, and you don't have to keep battling on your own. 

Introducing the formula you've been waiting for – your key to unlocking nights of deep, uninterrupted sleep and days filled with boundless energy. Say goodbye to the strain and stress that have held you back.

You just need the formula to get restful nights and energised days without the struggle, stress, or strain! 

“"Tired minds and weary souls deserve a sanctuary of peaceful rest. It's not about battling the night; it's about embracing the formula that transforms restlessness into rejuvenation. The journey to vibrant living begins with a single, transformative step”

Here is What You Will Get....

6-Week Live Group Coaching Programme:

 You will be part of 6 Live, 60-minute group coaching complete with a Q&A session, where I will answer your queries and provide personalised guidance.

30-minute 1:1 Coaching Call:

 You will have a private, 30 minute coaching call with me where we can delve deep into your unique needs and strategise for your sleep success.

Lifetime Access to Our Private Facebook Community

Connect with fellow participants, share your progress, ask questions, and gain support in our exclusive, members-only community.'ll also get all these Incredible Bonuses!!!

✅ Lifetime access to recording of Live Calls (priceless)

✅ 10-part video series – Emotional Intelligence (Value $147)

✅ Downloadable PDF, 7-day Sleep Diary & Submit for assessment ($47 Value)

✅ Lifetime access to audio and digital book: How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep ($30 Value)

✅ Companion manual for the programme (Value $47)

✅ Companion PDF Bundle with Top Tips for Sleep, Top Foods, Yoga Poses for Bedtime, Morning Routine, Worry Construction Sheet, EFT technique for stress, anxiety & sleep (plus EFT video) (Value $57)

✅ Companion Workbook ($47)

✅ Free Access to Live online masterclass: Midlife and Sleep + Workbook + Lifetime access to recording ($27 Value)

✅ 1 page PDF, Sleep Resources List ($17 Value)

Affiliates and Associations

Everything is better with better sleep"! 

- Johann Callaghan

You will have practical tools, actionable insights, and expert guidance that will empower you to achieve the sleep and quality of life you deserve. These invaluable resources can further elevate your sleep success!

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” – Stephen Hawking

  • Lifetime Access to Recording of Live Calls: Never miss a beat, and revisit your training at your own pace.
  • 10-Part Video Series – Emotional Intelligence: Gain new tools to understand, manage and express your emotions, as well as others. This will aid good sleep by helping to avoid rumination, stress and anxiety, and leading to a calmer mind.
  • Downloadable resources: From a 7-day Sleep Diary to a Sleep Resource List, you’ll have all the materials you need to guide your journey to restful nights.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to my audio and digital book, ‘How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep’, also a programme manual, a bundle of PDFs with top tips and techniques, a workbook, and more.
  • Here's What Others Have To Say...

    Alan Hennessy Testimonial


    “I would highly recommend you work with Johann, as she is an expert in your field. I have had the pleasure to work with Johann on a number of projects and her friendly calm approach and professionalism in excellent. Johann is a wonderful person and your life will be enriched by known her..”

    - Alan Hennessy, The Digital Mentor

    Karen Dwyer Testimonial


    “Johann has been an incredible asset supporting my clients with sleep coaching and her extensive knowledge. Johann's expertise carries all the science and even more importantly, heart felt guidance and practical tools & strategies to deal with all kinds of sleep issues, whether health related or not.
    Highly recommend..”

    - Karen Dwyer, The MS Coach


    Whether you are a business person or a parent needing sleep, you must attend this webinar! Johann Callaghan is absolutely brilliant in how she approaches this! You will be amazed!

    - Linda Sherwin, Leadership Advisor

    What's Included...

    This is a journey of transformation that will leave you with more energy, better health, and deeper relationships

    "Making the decision to invest in your health and happiness is one of the most empowering choices you can make. That's why I've put together a complete toolkit for your sleep success transformation!"

    1.Personalised Approach: Every individual has unique needs when it comes to achieving restful sleep. This program is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a personalized meth tailored to your unique requirements.

    2.Guided Journey: With 6 live group coaching calls, a 1:1 coaching session, and continuous access to our private Facebook community, you are guided at every step. You're not just being taught - you're being mentored.

    3.Comprehensive Toolkit: From video series on emotional intelligence to PDFs filled with practical tips, you're equipped with a broad set of tools to help you create your sleep success story.

    4.Results-Driven Program: This isn't about quick fixes, but real, lasting transformation. Expect improvements not just in sleep, but also overall health, mood, relationships, and even financial savings from reduced need for convenience food and fewer sick days.

    5.Unparalleled Support: With the SLEEP Success Formula for Parents, you become part of a community. Alongside your journey, you'll connect with other parents facing similar challenges, creating a supportive environment conducive to growth and transformation.

    Making the decision to invest in your health and happiness is one of the most empowering choices you can make.

    Johann Callaghan

    About Johann Callaghan

    Johann is a certified sleep science coach and health coach. She appears regularly in the media; radio, podcasts, TV, magazines and newspapers and an award winning entrepreneur. She helps to educate, inspire and empower people to take control of their life and live a healthy lifestyle with better sleep through online courses, webinars, corporate talks, group coaching programs, seminars and live interviews.

    Johann is also the host of The Empowering Family Health Podcast.

    Johann believes everything is better with better sleep. 

    FAQ: Here are some frequently asked questions

    Question 1: What makes the SLEEP Success Formula program different from other sleep programs?

    Answer: The SLEEP Success Formula program is not just another generic sleep program. Whether you are an exhausted parent, entrepreneur or business owner, this program is designed for you, addressing the unique challenges you face. Our comprehensive 6-week program takes a holistic approach, combining expert live coaching, personalized support, valuable resources, and a supportive community to ensure you achieve optimal health, happiness, and life satisfaction.

    Question 2: How much time do I need to invest in the program each week?

    Answer: We understand that parents, entrepreneurs and business owners lead busy lives, so I’ve designed the program with flexibility in mind. You can expect to spend approximately 60-90 minutes per week on the live coaching calls and Q&A sessions. Additionally, you'll have access to recordings, which means you can catch up on missed sessions at your convenience. I encourage you to set aside some time for self-reflection, exercises, and implementing the strategies shared in the program.

    Question 3: Will I receive personalized support during the program?

    Answer: Absolutely! We value the importance of personalized guidance, and that's why I offer a 30-minute 1:1 coaching call. This private session will allow me to understand your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations, so we can provide tailored support and strategies to help you achieve your sleep success.

    Question 4: Can I connect with other participants in the program?

    Answer: Yes! As a participant of the SLEEP Success Formula program, you'll gain lifetime access to our private Facebook community. This exclusive space provides a supportive and encouraging environment where you can connect with other parents on the same journey. Share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate milestones together as you progress through the program.

    Question 5: What kind of results can I expect from the programme?

    Answer: While individual results may vary, in previous programmes, participants have reported significant improvements in their sleep quality, overall health, mood, and relationships. Many have experienced a boost in energy levels, increased productivity, and financial savings due to fewer sick days and healthier food choices. Additionally, the programme fosters a sense of well-being and empowerment that extends beyond just sleep, benefiting various aspects of life.

    14 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't start to get better sleep and more energy after participation in 14 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

    Johann Callaghan