The importance of sleep is often overlooked as a key component of your health, happiness and optimising your overall life. Johann Callaghan delivers empowering talks that will help you to take back control of your sleep, health and life.

Johann has informed and inspired audiences while sharing the stage with other top experts in their field like Donna Kennedy, Pat Slattery, Gloriane Giovannelli and Leslie Fieger.  

Johann is a personable and engaging speaker who shares realistic mindset, sleep & lifestyle strategies through engaging storytelling with fun, actionable nuggets.

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 Topics for Presentation

  1. Sleep, Your Greatest Asset – Build a stronger “work-life” balance with sleep
  2. Sleep Matters – Discover why sleep is so vital for your health and happiness
  3. Aromatherapy to Reduce Anxiety and Promote Restful Sleep
  4. Sleeping with the Enemy – Learn about the invisible dangers of Electro-magnetic Fields and it’s Impact on Sleep

Sleep, Your Greatest Asset

Build a stronger “work-life” balance with sleep

How much is sleep deprivation costing your business? A night of poor quality sleep will result in a poor day’s work.  Mental and emotional wellbeing is now being recognised as a growing problem among Irish workers. Research including 13,000 people by Laya Healthcare, April 2018,  has revealed almost 80% of people are sleep deprived. It is now becoming evident that poor sleep can have a negative impact on work relationships, connections and social behaviour.

The consequences of fatigue in the workplace are often overlooked with little or no importance. Sleep is essential to life and basic functioning, productivity and performance. We are now beginning to understand the importance of the “work-life” balance but generally don’t consider sleep. It is a basic biological need that is essential to our health and quality of life. Getting sufficient sleep will ultimately lead to more productivity, good morale and happiness which will result in a successful bottom line.

Sleep Deprivation in the WorkplaceYou will discover…

• How poor sleep can negatively impact relationships in the workplace.
• How judgments and decision-making are impaired by lack of sleep, leading to costly mistakes.
• Why deficient sleep can lead to a disconnection of the self and teamwork, leading to higher risk-taking and injuries.
• When lack of sleep can decrease job satisfaction, morale and result in mental health problems.
• What you can do to improve your sleep with 5 simple strategies.



Sleep Matters

Discover why sleep is vital for your health and happiness

Did you know that 6 out of 10 people are not getting sufficient sleep? The effects of poor sleep have a significant impact on our physical, mental and emotional health and in turn a negative impact on our relationships and our society? Sleep has a major impact on our ability to learn, our memories, our health and safety, and our quality of life.

Better SleepYou will discover…

• Discover why sleep matters and why we must gain a new perspective to value our sleep and health.
• Find out why exercise is beneficial and eating the right foods can help enhance sleep.
• Understanding how stress can impact your sleep and what to do about it.
• Find out how actually sleep works



Aromatherapy to Reduce Anxiety and Promote Sleep

Discover the power of smell to reduce emotional stress and enhance a restful night’s sleep

Deficient sleep can have a major impact of our health and emotions. There are many factors which contribute to lack of sleep; hectic lifestyle, depression, physical illness. All these stressors effects our quality of sleep and the ability to soundly fall asleep.

Aromatherapy is known for its calming and relaxing qualities and there are many ways we can use them to calm the emotions and enhance a good quality night’s sleep.

aromatherapy for sleepYou will discover…

• Discover the power of smell to release emotions.
• Understand the limbic brain and olfaction, and how emotions are processed.
• Find out the best oils to use during the day and at night to help overcome stress and induce a good night’s sleep.
• Learn how to use essential oils safely and best methods to use.



Sleeping with the Enemy

Learn about the invisible danger of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and its impact on sleep

In this modern world of information technology we are surrounded by electrical and wi-fi devices that all emit electromagnetic field (EMF). These EMF’s may not only cause cancer, but also damage your heart, your mood and your immunity, among many other problems.
Our bodies are made up of a complex electromagnetic system and we cannot avoid our exposure to external EMF radiation. We can, however, considerably reduce our exposure to this toxic radiation.

Electro-magnetic fieldYou will discover…

• Understand your natural electrical body.
• Learn about artificial EMFs and why they can be a silent killer in your home.
• How EMFs interact with your body.
• What you can do to significantly reduce toxic radiation in your bedroom.



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