New Year’s Resolutions Just Don’t Work

New Year’s resolutions don’t really work. In fact, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Why? Well the answer is really simple. A New Year’s resolution is a conscious thought or an idea that we think about in our conscious mind. However, most of our life comes from our subconscious mind which is 95% of our mind. So how then, do you program your New Year’s resolution into your subconscious programming? Well, the answer to that is to know what you truly want first and to focus on that often.

What is the basis of a New Year’s resolution? How do we come up with New Year’s resolutions? Here are 3 principles to determining a successful New Year’s resolution:

1.    They are usually what you think you should do

The media is full of what you should be doing or what you need. Yeah, but what about what you really want. Many people think they should sleep more but they don’t really want to because in reality, they think they can get more work done. When you think about what you should be doing, it’s coming from a space of lack. Instead, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Stop looking at what other people expect you to do, and instead do what fulfils you and satisfies you.

2.    Setting Goals

Setting a New Year’s resolution is like setting a new goal. However, it usually comes from getting more of something. Again, this is coming from a place of scarcity or an undesired situation. When people set a New Year’s resolution, it is about getting out of an undesired situation right now and being in a different more ideal place. Yeah, I get that, but consider you will always be aspiring to wanting it different and better and never happy about the journey along the way. It’s like getting to different destinations on a train ride and then creating a vision for the next stop. That’s what life is all about, the journey along the way and growing from every experience. When you accept what you have right now as part of your growth, then you will enjoy getting to the next destination and the next, and the journey along the way. This is how you become empowered in knowing what you want next, your ideals, and being creative to move from a situation that doesn’t serve you anymore and making a difference possible.

3.    Will and Desire

Above all you must have a personal meaningful desire to get to your vision, your goal. Our conscious thoughts is only 5% of our mind and the rest comes from our subconscious thoughts. You see, the subconscious thoughts is all our programming, where all our emotions and behaviours are. We have free will which we execute through choices. However, the choices we make are usually based on what we believe. For example, someone else telling you to strive for something, is harder than reaching a goal that you determined for yourself. That’s why making a New Year’s resolution with a lot of will power can be exhausting because it may not be the meaningful truth of why you want it. Your desire has emotions attached to it making it more meaningful with a knowing that this is your truth.

So your will is not what you want to do, but what you are actually doing based on what you belief. Using will power takes a lot of energy and will leave you feeling drained. Desire on the other hand will give you energy to see what you truly want to aspire to and become a reality. It must matter to you enough so that you won’t make excuses to keep you from moving forward. This will enable you to make a change of the familiar and get out of your comfort zone. This strong desire is what creates an ongoing internal motivation that keeps you committed.

When you have a desire to sleep more but don’t, your will is deciding for whatever the reason or belief is, that you’re not going to. It could be that you feel the need to get more done so therefore, you are not looking at the truth of why sleep is actually better for you. If you give that thought up, you will realise that better sleep will result in more productivity, better relationships and better mood.


Remember, you have the freedom and the power to create your own vision of your desired destination. Change your beliefs and program it into your subconscious mind and it will run everything without you having to work hard to achieve it. Keep focusing on the vision with intention, feeling and belief. Become conscious of your vision often and it will become automatic in your subconscious mind, like a habit.

Peace and blessings to you and your family for 2020 and I wish you every success!

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