Ep#13 Stronger Together with Your Holistic Academy and John Donnelly

John Donnelly is the founder of Your Holistic Academy. After John’s life transformation experience in a Tai Chi retreat, John went from constant stress, pain and depression to being optimistic, energised and empowered, he had a massive vision to inspire, motivate and educate others too helping them to transform through innovation and creativity. Your Holistic […]

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Ep#12 How to master your life and business for the female entrepreneur with Fiona Brennan

Fiona Brennan is a high performance success coach, mentor and project manager for Ambitious Female Leaders and Entrepreneurs! She helps ambitious entrepreneurs empower themselves to get clear, get moving and achieve their success by offering high performance mindset, action and accountability coaching! Fiona believes there is nothing which cannot be achieved without intention, commitment and […]

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Empowering Family Health with Jennifer Byrne

Ep#09 – How healthy eating and lifestyle practices affect every aspect of your well-being with Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer Byrne is a Deep Health Coach and specialises in nutrition for Health Fitness & Sports Performance. Jennifer believes deep health doesn’t come from a pill or an operation. It comes from a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods. It comes from sufficient exercise combined with genuine rest. It comes from clean air and clean […]

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