Ep#18 The Power of Living a Naturally Healthy Lifestyle | Kirsti Chapman

In this episode, Kirsti Chapman, Certified Natural Healing Practitioner, talks about natural ways to stay healthy and allow the body to be in balance. Kirst was on a quest to find out how do people can help their body overcome disease and illnesses naturally. She was concerned about the side effects of medications many people find themselves on, especially long term, and those who become dependent on their medications. 


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Some of the topics we spoke about:

Let food be thy medicine

Farming practices – have many chemicals poison getting into our system

Processed foods – learn to read labels, notice all the numbers

Look at farming practices in different countries

Probiotics and the microbiome

What we think about is what we create

Some resources Kirsti mentioned:

Dr. Tim Crowe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A2U9h_l-g0

Minimising chemicals in your environment, removing sensitive foods like dairy

Some tips Kirsti expanded on in the podcast:

  • Increase laughter
  • Do visualisations, affirmations and mindset work
  • Relearn how to live
  • Have a sun bath

Here are some inspiring questions Kirsti suggests:

  • Look at what you can do today to improve the quality of your life!
  • What are the chemicals that you can remove out of your diet?
  • What kind of life do you want and work towards creating?
  • Who are the like-minded people you can connect with?


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