Ep#51 The Importance of Clean Air and Water | Janette Derham | Empowering Family Health

Sleep is a huge part of our health and it is necessary for life. In order to live, we need a few essential things; food, air, water and sleep. We would actually die without these over a short period of time, even sleep.

On the show today I will be talking with Health Coach & Integrative Nutritionist, Janette Derham all the way from The Netherlands who will be talking to us about the importance of clean air and clean water. We can’t survive without these important elements so wouldn’t it make sense that we must consume good quality air and water.

According to The World Health Organisation (WHO), household air pollution is one of the world's single biggest environmental health risk. Do you have a toxic environment at work or a toxic environment at home? Find out how you can deal with at toxic environment at home or at work, reduce stress and sleep better.

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