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PureAir Solo

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Airborne viruses, such as the common cold virus (rhinoviruses) and influenza virus, enter the body through small droplets. Microscopic pollutants and infectious agents in the air can slip past our body’s defences, penetrating deep into our respiratory and circulatory system, damaging our lungs, heart and brain. They also can make some diseases, like asthma, worse.


PureAir SOLO is a sleek, wearable air purifier that creates a personal 3 ft. clean-air zone by repelling particles from your breathing space. You can visit friends and family without the negative effects of other’s pet dander, perfumes, or colognes.


The very air we breathe is growing more and more dangerously polluted. According to The World Health Organisation (WHO), household air pollution is one of the world’s single biggest environmental health risk. With people spending more and more time indoors, the problem is getting worse, adding to our toxic load, making it harder to reduce stress on our body and the inability to sleep efficiently.


The PureAir SOLO is intended for personal use. It creates a 1.5 meter air purification zone around the neck, mouth and nose by ionizing the air around it. As a result, bacteria and viruses are present in the air you breathe to a greatly reduced extent. It is light in weight (64 grams), small in size (75 mm high and 17 mm thick) and runs on a rechargeable lithium battery.


When used with a conventional face filtering mask, continuous emission of unipolar air ions has been shown to considerably enhance the filtering efficiency against fine and ultra-fine particles.* The effect is driven by the repelling forces that cared ions create between the mask and the aerosol particles, creating an “electrostatic shield” against incoming particles. Inhaling these viruses or bacteria can spread coughs, colds, influenza, and other infectious agents.


Purification lasts all day, with a rechargeable battery providing over 24 hours of use per charge. It includes a USB charging cable and breakaway neck cord. Use pureAir SOLO to enhance other healthy habits. pureAir SOLO is not a medical device and is not a replacement for other practices recommended by the CDC.


Powerful purification

Solid platinum permanent emitter and gold-plated stainless steel collectors produce ion density of 50 million per cubic cm, at an ion wind of 90 feet per minute.


Up to 28 hours of purification bliss before needing to recharge its lithium battery.


*Enhancement effects of 20 fold to over 3000 fold were demonstrated depending on mask type. Lee et al. (2005). Filtering Efficiency of 95 and R95-Type Facepiece Respirators, Dust-Mist Facepiece Respirators, and Surgical Masks Operating in Unipolarly Ionized Indoor Air Environments. Aerosol and Air Quality. Vol. 5, No. 1. pp. 25-38



Greentech Environmental Products Go Head-to-Head Against Flu Virus with 99% Effectiveness


We refrain from any medical advice and recommend that you consult a doctor or specialist in the event of health problems.

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