Ep#46 Empowering Children with Positive Affirmations | Elaine Sugar | Empowering Family Health

Elaine Sugar is a children's book author and an award-winning children's program facilitator, as evidenced by the Philadelphia 76ers Hometown Hero award and multiple Police Athletic League awards. Her passion is empowering children with self-esteem building tools. Elaine teaches the value of positive thinking and speaking via affirmation education. This is the foundation for her […]

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Ep#44 Corona Sleep Pt2: The Food and Sleep Connection

We know that sleep and the food we eat have a very big connection. Overeating and eating convenience foods is a problem many of us are encountering as a result not sleeping well. So when you sleep better, you have a probability of eating better too.  Studies have clearly shown that sleep deprivation can alter […]

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Does chocolate help you sleep?

Does Chocolate Help You Sleep?

It’s the Easter Holiday weekend. But what impact does chocolate have on your sleep health? In fact, Ireland has the third highest consumption of chocolate in the world, with the average Irish person eating 19.47 lbs of chocolate per year, according to The World Atlas of Chocolate. 80% of the world chocolate market is accounted […]

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Ep#43 Corona Sleep Pt1: Exercise, Movement and Sunshine

Welcome to the Corona Sleep, 6 week podcast series on the Empowering Family Health show….. Millions of people around the world have difficulty sleeping, and with covid 19 that problem has only gotten worse. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has made getting a good night’s rest significantly harder. Some experts even have a term for it: […]

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How sleep affects the immune system

How Sleep Affects the Immune System

Immune health, sleep and the gut are all connected and there are well-established links between the immune system and the gut microbiome in humans. Sleep is a physiological state that is intrinsically linked to the immune system. When you understand how they all work together you will have an appreciation and respect for your body and how you can look after your own health […]

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