Ep#43 Corona Sleep Pt1: Exercise, Movement and Sunshine

Welcome to the Corona Sleep, 6 week podcast series on the Empowering Family Health show…..

Millions of people around the world have difficulty sleeping, and with covid 19 that problem has only gotten worse. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has made getting a good night’s rest significantly harder. Some experts even have a term for it: ‘coronasomnia’. This has impacted people all over the world as they experience sleep problems linked to the stress of life during Covid-19.

Here is what I will be covering over the next 6 weeks:

Wk:1 Exercise/Moving & Sunshine

People are more sedentary than ever. Our sedentary nature is something we cannot adapt to either. We are designed to move. We need to use up all our daytime/wake hormones so we can sleep at night. 

Wk 2: Food & Eating

Overeating is another problem many of us are encountering and as a result not sleep well. Our metabolism is out of whack. Sleep is important regulating metabolism, including blood glucose and mechanisms controlling appetite and weight gain.

Wk 3: Alcohol & Medications

For many, alcohol consumption has increased. This has a significant impact on our sleep cycle at night.

Wk 4: Electronic Devices

Screens and electronic devices are causing havoc with our sleep patterns

Wk 5: Immune System

Right now, sleep is so important to have a strong functioning immune system

Wk 6: Stress & Circadian Rhythm 

Many people are experiencing fear, stress and anxiety, leading to trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep during the night.

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