Ep#44 Corona Sleep Pt2: The Food and Sleep Connection

We know that sleep and the food we eat have a very big connection. Overeating and eating convenience foods is a problem many of us are encountering as a result not sleeping well. So when you sleep better, you have a probability of eating better too. 

Studies have clearly shown that sleep deprivation can alter the blood glucose and hormones involved in regulating metabolism. This in the long term, has been shown to have an increased risk of obesity, stroke and type 2 diabetes. 

In this episode, I look at nutrients that can help how well we sleep and how much sleep we get. Good nutrition is important for many aspects of health including sleep.

I will also be looking at the microbiome, home to trillions of bacteria and microbes the sleep connection to your gut, where all these microbes are living. 

And lastly, I will dive into our eating habits, namely when we eat and how this can affect our sleeping patterns.
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