Ep#06 – How to be Successful With The SMART Happiness Formula with Mike Armstrong

MA Consultancy is owned and run by UK Entrepreneur Mike Armstrong. He is an author, speaker and mentor and Mike specialises in sales and marketing, social media, self-development and leadership training and more…

In this conversation we talk about how he managed during the lock down period by being adaptable and flexible, what success is and why it is important. Mike reveals his SMART happiness formula, covering topics like random acts of kindness, sleep, meditation, and performance.


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You can find Mike’s podcast #YouCanDoItPodcast here: https://anchor.fm/mike-armstrong9
Mike’s website: https://mikearmstrong.me
Here is Mike’s SMART happiness formula: https://mikearmstrong.me/courses/smart-happiness-formula/
Mike’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOLbKJHTSDNXtiQnd_JSWCw


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