Ep#13 Stronger Together with Your Holistic Academy and John Donnelly

John Donnelly is the founder of Your Holistic Academy. After John’s life transformation experience in a Tai Chi retreat, John went from constant stress, pain and depression to being optimistic, energised and empowered, he had a massive vision to inspire, motivate and educate others too helping them to transform through innovation and creativity.

Your Holistic Academy is an online learning, education and promotion platform for holistic health and wellness.  The vision for Your Holistic Academy is a shared vision with a team of professionals from the world of business and holistic services. We will develop a global platform for Holistic Health and Wellness with infinite possibilities, enriching the lives of all clients and all members. 

In this episode, John speaks to us about his vision for Your Holistic Academy. From the individual, Your Holistic Academy will give you the opportunity to learn at your pace, in the comfort of your own home and/or in an interactive environment to the business world where Your Holistic Academy will work to identify any training gaps or areas for consideration to promote a high performing motivated workforce and working environment. John is also passionate about supporting holistic practitioner members and service providers with the business resources they need.


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