Ep#17 Change Your Perspectives Change Your Life with Donal O Leary

Donal O Leary is a health advocate with so much knowledge, inspiration and wisdom that will help us see our lives more clearly. This episode is not to be missed!

Here are some of Donal’s insights and suggestions: (See transcript for more)

We are surviving out of our own pain. A lot of it is avoidance.

If you keep running, you might never catch up with yourself.

Busyness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The ego is an artificial imaginary construction. It keeps us disconnected.

We are always connected. What we need to do is see through the illusion of disconnection.

As a result of conditioning, we feel we need to be validated by something external, by what we do, what we have, by what we know, by how many likes we have on facebook and we are constantly looking for external validation and it’s never ever going to be found there.

Our value is in our being, we are to be respected valued and treasured for our being, no other reason, not for our academic or sporting success. Anything else is a breathing ground for insecurities.

It’s possible to be totally happy for no reason whatsoever. It’s not dependent on position or possession. It doesn’t require anything at all.

Wanting more is an attempted compensation a distraction from an internal void. It can never succeed.

When we are distracted, we cannot see anything.

What we think we see is a projection. What most people see is their internal projection of what the person is like rather that who is really there.

All suffering is avoidable and unnecessary.

There’s what happened and the story we tell ourselves about ourselves about what happened.

Guilt is about what we’ve done or haven’t done, shame is about who we are and who we’re not.


Resources mentioned:

Alan Watkins – How to be brilliant every day (Emotions and feelings)


Brene Brown 


Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness.

Dr Shefali
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