Ep#19 – Improve Work Life Balance With Emotional Response Skills with Seamus Power

Seamus Power is the founder of Powering Health and a certified Heartmath coach. He is helping people defuse workplace and life stressors through development of improved emotional stress response skills.

Seamus helps people heed their bodies' warning signs and take action to improve performance and improve their chances of living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. He also helps businesses safely assess current exposure (if any) of reported workplace related stress (WRS) which can help employees develop strategies to better cope and respond to life and work stressors.

In this episode, we discuss Seamus’s own experiences when his work life balance was not working, why he is on a mission to drive an awareness of the detrimental negative lifestyle impacts this may have on people and how you can have more power an control in your life through emotional response skills and also using a heart focused technique. 

 Key points in our conversation:

Seamus recognised there is problem with our modern lifestyle and our work life balance.

He experienced negative impacts on his health associated with changes in his lifestyle and a progressing career.

He developed migraines and health issues as a result of stress; working long hours, lack of sleep, poor diet and exercise. He questioned his ‘rat race’ lifestyle by asking, “what’s going on here, what's the reason for this lack of balance”

His mission is to drive awareness of the impact of our modern lifestyle inside the 4 pillars of health; nutrition, stress, exercise and sleep.

Communication, clarity and awareness.

Automatic high zone of busyness, multitasking, instant gratification, distractions V optimal performance zone.

Emotions are our friend to embrace. Emotions have a physiological response

Hormones: (mechanisms behind our happiness/sadness) – Oxytocin, Cortisol, DHEA

Heart focused breathing based around hearth rate variability. It helps you respond better to stressful triggers. The power of feeling good

Seamus runs weekly heart focused technique practices free every week here: WeAddHeart Eventbrite tickets:  (8:15pm UK/Irish) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/weaddheart-dublin-lucan-online-tickets-101659121168

Resources mentioned by Seamus: Susan David, Emotional Agility – https://www.susandavid.com/new-index


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