Ep#22 Creating New Possibilities With Weddings In Ireland During Covid

Helen Adams is an Independent Celebrant. Her background is in teaching drama, writing, storytelling and she also worked in arts and media. Helen is on a mission to give hope to people who's wedding has been disrupted during Covid. Helen is making a huge difference in helping those adapt and change their views on what it is to commit, respect and acknowledge their partner. 

In this episode we will be talking about:

Lockdown upsets on marriage preparations and rituals, what do people really want in a wedding and rethinking commitments.

00:00 Welcome

02:10 Who Helen Adams is?

04:50 Lockdown upsets on marriage preparations and rituals

07:35 What do people really want in a wedding?

10:30 Rethinking commitment

11:00 Reframing what’s ahead

11:25 Creating possibilities

14:20 What is a commitment ceremony

15:20 What is your love story?

15:50 Tokens of love and appreciation

18:30 Journalist report on Helens ceremonies

19:40 Experiencing a powerful and moving ceremony in the Wicklow mountains

27:30 Taking a risk for a change

29:20 The heart of the matter

31:59 Celebrating and acknowledging your partner after marriage. 

37:27 Be brave!

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 Read this article by Helen Adams

Commitment ceremonies: The solution for couples forced to cancel their weddings due to #Covid-19



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