Ep#23 The Art of Face Reading: What Your Face Says About Your Personality with Joseph Mc Guire

Joseph Mc Guire is the owner of Clearsight Communications. He is a facial profiling expert and the author of Face Facts: the art of reading your clients and prospects for sales, negotiation and recruitment and he has decades of experience in the field of holistic health.

In this episode we will be talking about:
1. Joseph's innate ability to observe how people behave and communicate. 
2. Shiatsu and facial diagnosis. How they relate to different organs in your body and emotions. 
3. How Joseph uses this art of face reading to profile a client and how he can distinguish between masked behaviours and the real true underlying behaviours.

..and Joseph will be giving Johann a reading on her face, so you will find out what it’s like to get a reading 

00:00 Welcome
05:50 The face is an energy pattern. 
06:37 Never stop learning. When you think you know it all, you are deluded
07:35 Reading the face. The ears represent the first 14 years of life. 
08:05 The right side of the face, tells you how you were influenced by your mother and the left side, your father.
08:35 There are many layers to looking at the face.
09:01 How Joseph uses face reading to profile a client to determine their real true behaviours.
10:45 How people react to face reading and being revealed; the sceptics, the curious and fascinated, cynical.
11:25 This is about establishing relationships and meeting people where they are at.
13:21 Being comfortable with silence and asking the right questions
17:40 How to lift yourself up and have more clarity, see more clearly, Practicing gratitude.
21:10 Heart energy has so much emotional resonance.
21:25 The eyes reveal how much energy you have towards life, commitment, emotional history.
22:10 With so much fear in the world, we need to open up from the heart.
22:30 When we breath into emotional pain, welcome and acknowledge it, it will open and blossom like a flower.
24:00 The body is a teacher to how we really are in life. So many people are out of touch to our body’s.
26:25 The 5 elements; organs work in pairs and this is when we are in good health and harmony.
29:40 Joseph reveals readings from Johann’s face.
33:50 Face reading is a profound tool to help with transformation in people’s lives.
34:00 We are learning to be with ourselves and find out what our strengths are and our magnificence. 
37:15 Learn to relax, to connect with joy, laugh, practice gratitude, breathe. 
38:40 The more we open to life, the more exciting it becomes.


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