Ep#24 – How Bio Kinesiology Can Improve Wellbeing – Physically, Emotionally and Mentally with Juli Thomys

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Juliane Thomys from Checkin Health is  qualified in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology, and Juli specialises in Bio Kinesiology with a focus on mental health, gut health, hormonal imbalances and the safe removal of toxins from the body. 

Bio Kinesiology Can Improve Wellbeing – Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.

In this episode we will be talking about: 

·        Why the body needs to be balanced biochemically, emotionally, electrically, and structurally for optimised health
·        How a toxic load can have a negative impact on your hormones
·        and how stress and trauma impact you on an emotional level

00:00 Welcome

05:00 How Kinesiology looks at the whole body holistically to find out what is really behind the symptom like back pain. 

08:00 We look at the bio-chemical pathways from digestion, to eliminating toxins.

08:40 How this can influence your hormones. 

11:35 Are all your enzymes working optimally, nutritional deficiencies in your body, how is that affecting you

12:10 Low stomach acid, reflux and heart burn, 

13:40 Toxic metals

14:25 Selenium, zinc and magnesium

15:00 Leaking gut, gut brain connection

15:25 And how stress and trauma impact you on an emotional level

15:50 Lockdown emotional stress

16:20 The meridians, organs and emotions

16:50 K27 points, kidney points for anxiety and fear

18:55 ESR points to bring blood flow to the thinking brain

20:30 Structural corrections for tension

22:30 The muscle testing process

23:40 How the pandemic has changed health concerns and people’s outlook on life

28:00 The foundation of health, digestion

29:45 The serotonin to melatonin pathway

34:30 Mobile phones and radiation

38:00 Question why you are feeling this way

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