Ep#29 Understanding The Impact of Trauma From Toxic Relationships with Suzanne Smart

Suzanne Smart is an Abuse Transformation Coach. She empowers trauma survivors of mental & physical abuse to take back their power. Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a Speaker, Coach, Teacher, Master Reiki Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and aspiring author, along with Counselling and CBT skills and tools. 

In this episode we will be taking about:

  • Narcissism – the gateway to abuse and trauma
  • Self-doubt, trust, cynicism and sarcasm
  • Childhood trauma
  • Taking away the emotion from the event

00:00 Welcome

04:40 Narcissism is the gateway to abuse and trauma

05:50 Self-doubt

06:50 Trust

07:45 Cynicism and sarcasm

08:55 Threading on eggshells

09:15 Self-blame

09:55 Living with a mask on

12:30 Emotional trauma

15:00 What triggers fear reactions

17:05 Taking away the emotion that’s attached to the event

18:50 Trauma triage – we have more negative emotions than positive

23:45 Childhood trauma

26:20 Smells can trigger fear

28:45 Getting help

30:10 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

34:00 Self-care, do things for you

35:20 Take yourself on a date

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