Ep#32 Discover the Possibility of Transforming your Life and Business with Russ De Van

Russ De Van is an extraordinary man. Russ is on mission to create a legacy of an $80m Success by Design Global Non-Profit organisation.  His company, Success by Design, created in 1991, was to find out why people struggle and discover the possibility of transforming your life and business. Success by Design Un-Training™ originated as concepts and theories from researching what is missing for productivity in business and life. 

What we are going to talk about today…

·        Do you complain? Do you like to listen to others complaining?

·        Do you feel heard? The power of listening effectively.

·        How to get access to what you don’t know, and how to make your life and business work.

·        Guilt, shame, blame, responsibility and forgiveness

·        Giving up the right to being right

00:00 Welcome
02:30 Russ has had a blessed life growing up with a loving family, important values, an education and a family of his own.
02:50 Recent health challenges had Russ look at what he wanted to do with the rest of his life and a legacy he wanted to create. 
10:15 What’s missing is being aware that you have a choice.
12:15 What’s your concern?
12:50 Choice has you de-cide!
15:15 Listening is powerful because people feel heard
20:10 Technology has contributed to us being disconnected
21:00 Ontology (the study of being) 
27:15 How to we fix something when it’s not working? Where and how do we start to investigate?
30:15 With great things comes responsibility. What are we not being responsible for?
31:00 Guilt, shame and blame are interwoven. 
34:25 Forgiveness. When does forgiveness become righteousness? Forgiveness is giving up your right to blame someone else. 
36:30 It’s not events in our lives that impact us, it’s our relationship to them.
43:30 As human beings, we have a tendency to state our opinion as the truth


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