Ep#37 Life After Cancer with Catriona Briggs Evans

Catriona's story is one of Inner Strength, Courage and Belief.  She survived cancer and speaks today about courage, being vulnerable and the importance of communicating.

Catriona has spoken at mental health events, the inspirational Heart of Gold award ceremony, Women in Business event and Fearless Female events. From Catriona’s experiences she focuses on resilience in all areas of our lives, life after traumatic events and the importance of communication.

 “The problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize winner. 


00:00 Welcome

01:00 From childcare worker to chocolate maker and a 2nd chance in life

03:00 Being diagnoised with throat cancer

04:00 Getting to Tuscany

04:50 Realising the truth of reality and cancer

06:30 Telling the family and children

10:00 Communicating while progressing through the treatment process

11:00 Being vulnerable

12:30 Asking for help

15:00 No hugging – How this affected Catriona

17:30 Remission

19:00 Feel your feelings

26:00 Finding fun in chocolate making

27:00 Masterminds and networking

34:00 I am not my disease

36:00 Energy of like-minded people

37:00 Being conscious of what doesn’t serve us

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