Ep#38 How Paul Coghlan survived a 10% chance to live


In 2018, Paul Coghlan was given less than 10% chance to survive AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), but he lived to tell his story. Paul has no doubt that staying positive and focused saved his life. 23 sessions of Intensive chemotherapy within the first 9 days after admission and a total of 6 months in hospital gave him the belief and determination to fight. Now, he is ready to inspire and motivate others to reach their goals as his way to give something back to those who may struggle to believe in themselves and their adversities. 

00:00 Welcome

02:00 In 2018, Paul was the fittest and strongest he had ever been

02:50 Paul was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a rare blood cancer

04:00 May 10th, Paul woke up with a black eye 

05:45 Paul’s friend, who worked in a pharmacy said “The best €150 you will spend by going to the Galway Clinic”

07:10 Paul was sent to University College Hospital, Claddagh ward, specifically for leukemia patients

07:50 Paul grew resilience from a childhood stammer

09:10 Room 18 was the same room number his father was in some time ago

10:45 No-ones adversity is more or less than anyone else’s

12:10 Paul’s chemotherapy started urgently within the 24 hours

13:40 Possibility of becoming infertile

14:00 There’s no time

14:40 Less than 10% of survival

17:20 Experiencing loneliness

18:00 I feared I wouldn’t come out of hospital

18:40 Visualising and goal setting

20:15 Every little win is a massive step forward in the face of challenges

24:30 The message of each other and time

27:00 Be aware of your thoughts

31:10 Everybody is a hero

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