Ep#39 Self-Knowledge is Self-Power | Jacqui Taaffe

Jacqui is an executive life coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker with 25 years managerial experience in the development and progression of people. She will help you boost your confidence and self-belief and discover what’s holding you back, get unstuck and develop a can-do mindset, to overcome your fears and create the life you want.

When you become an authority on yourself, that’s were empowerment is. You become an expert on yourself. Self-knowledge is self-power. You uncover your own confidence.

 In this episode we will be talking about

  • Self-knowledge is self-power
  • How self-doubt suppresses your knowing
  • We are so powerful beyond what we realise

00:00 Welcome
08:00 Looking in at ourselves
08:40 The only 2 things under our control are our responses and our reactions
10:30 Be aware of the language you are speaking to yourself
13:50 Where did we get our doubts from?
16:15 Thoughts are the language of the mind, feelings are the language of the body
17:30 Doubt suppresses your knowing
18:50 Doubt is a killer of our potential
20:00 Receiving an inappropriate examination
21:30 The more I speak, the freer I become
25:00 It’s not my story to keep

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