Ep#40 Life Without Burnout | Natascha Katzwinkel | Empowering Family Health

Life without burnout is possible!

If you tried everything to get rid of the stress in your life, but struggle to get to a place of calm or if feel overwhelmed by life, then you are not alone and this episode is for you. People around the world are feeling the stress of these difficult times and it is showing itself in unexpected ways. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

My guest, Natascha Katzwinkel is all the way from Switzerland. Myself and Natascha met on My Networking Café and The Outstanding Network. She is a stress release and burnout prevent coach helping overwhelmed introvert women in finding confidence, calm and balance.

 In this episode we will be talking about

·        Signs of burnout

·        Being out of integrity and not valuing/caring for yourself

·        Being busy and consuming and overwhelmed

·        The power of breathing

·        Healthy habits, boundaries and fun

Contact Natascha via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataschaninakatzwinkel/
Calendly (https://calendly.com/nataschakatzwinkel/30-min-free-connect-call) or calmeryoucoaching@gmail.com for a free 30-minute connect call.
For more tips and stories on stress, burnout, perfectionism and more follow her Podcast: https://anchor.fm/natascha-katzwinkel

On the 9th of March Natascha is starting the Beta-Version ‘Lose the Overwhelm – 4 Steps in 4 Weeks’ group for women who feel overwhelmed. She will be sharing tips and tricks that you can implement easily and are the opposite of overwhelming. https://successful-inventor-2270.ck.page/3103c250f9

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