Ep#41 Become The Master of Your Life | Mary Keogh | Empowering Family Health

My guest this week, Mary Keogh, is a Life mastery consultant.  Mary's struggle in her life was with what seemed uncontrollable circumstances. Mary was lost and she found herself again by going on a journey of discovering herself again and a realisation that her outside environment and the people in it, did not control who she was.

Mary teaches life skills from the individual and also parenting life skills. She is on a mission to help people, parents and men discover a more nurturing way of living through a journey of self discovery, self respect and self love. She is also passionate about  helping young men to express how they feel and dissolve the myth that big boys don’t cry.

In this episode we will be talking about:

  • Mary came from a broken child who felt insecure, needy, who seeked approval from others and gave so much to others.
  • Mary talks about expecting people to make you happy
  • When you first meet the man/woman of your dreams (The honeymoon period)
  • When we crave what’s missing in our lives from other people
  • Searching for things/people to fix us
  • Changing thought processes, beliefs, old patterns, behavious
  • Loving yourself, taking responsibility for yourself and getting rid of expectations from others
  • Listen to how you speak to yourself
  • Comparing ourselves to others is the thief of joy
  • We all have a history and it’s what you decide to do with that history
  • We don’t need to be fixed, love yourself exactly as you are
  • Stop seeking was isn’t yours to seek
  • Raising and empowering your children
  • Being with your children
  • Give them nurturing and life experiences, education will come
  • These times are an opportunity to nurture and believe in yourself
  • What value do you have on yourself, ware your standards, what do you want, who is in control of you
  • Fall in love with yourself

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