Ep#42 Living from the Inside-Out | Doreen Ritchie | Empowering Family Health

My guest this week is Doreen Ritchie. She is a Life and Executive Coach from Belfast, published author (Activate Your Life, Vol2) , Queen's University teacher and public speaker. Doreen helps to empower people to make LIFE CHANGES and gain clarity and calm in their life! She helps people live their lives. Doreen says “change your mind and you will change your life”!

In this episode:

  • Other people’s opinions are not the truth.
  • Living in a modern marriage
  • What happens after the kids grow up; for the man and women
  • Getting in touch with inner feelings for the man and women
  • What are you telling yourself about the situation or circumstances?
  • How to create a better life
  • Understanding where your feelings are coming from
  • Who you really are
  • We are not victims, we are responsible for ourselves
  • The space between the action and your reaction/response
  • The bottom line is “I’m lost”
  • Mid-life crisis, when you begin to realise there’s more to life than this
  • Allow people be who they are
  • Experience everything you can in every moment you experience

“Every morning, when you lift your head off the pillow, you have everything you need.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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