Ep#26 The Healing Power of Essential Oils with Maria Morgan

Maria Morgan is the owner of Esker Fields. She is a holistic practitioner, who also loves and practices Reiki and Bio Energy and Maria is a professional aromatherapist. 

In this episode we will be talking about the power of essential oils, taking care of your skin and loving your body, and we will be talking about how aromatherapy can help you sleep better. 

00:00 Welcome

02:40 Work related stress

07:45 Why are essential oils so powerful

09:05 Never apply essential oils neat on your skin

10:10 How do you use essential oils

11:05 Aroma sticks for the immune system, sleep, concentration and exams

12:50 Using butters and carrier oils in skin care products

14:10 Overusing skin care products with alcohol

15:10 Aroma smells – 

17:00 The importance of self-care

18:40 Be mindful apply creams or lotions

21:10 Mindful breathing and being mindful of language

22:10 Anchoring a feeling

25:25 Award winning product – Top lockdown luxuries: Sleep Ease Room Spray

25:40 Aromatherapy and sleep

28:50 Aromatherapy slows down and deepens your breathing

32:20 Do something very simple to slow down


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