Ep#33 From Fear To Abundance Mindset | Harriet Mc Guigan

Harriet Mc Guigan is a mindset strategist who helps super talented entrepreneurs who are under-performing and don't even know why!! Harriet helps you change your mindset, take imperfect action and start living abundantly. In this episode, we will be talking about: Entrepreneurs overworking and under-performing Poverty mindset Stress, burnout and sleepless nights Timeline02:20 So much […]

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Ep#31 Mastering Your Money Mindset with Juanita Duke

Juanita Duke is a wealth coach & entrepreneur, who specialises in helping people who are completely new to the world of investing, and who have little or no money, get started. Also, changing perceptions about wealth and investing, once believed to only be accessible to those who already have great wealth. Juanita wants to make […]

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Ep#30 Eating for Weight Loss and Better Brain Health with Caroline Mc Donagh

Caroline Mc Donagh DHN, DHPM, MIAHM helps people transform their lives and enjoy better health, happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing.  Caroline is an experienced accredited Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Health Coach, Life Coach and NLP Corporate Coach. Due to a serious illness with a poor prognosis in her late teens Caroline set about investigating […]

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