Ep#39 Self-Knowledge is Self-Power | Jacqui Taaffe

Jacqui is an executive life coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker with 25 years managerial experience in the development and progression of people. She will help you boost your confidence and self-belief and discover what’s holding you back, get unstuck and develop a can-do mindset, to overcome your fears and create the life you want. When […]

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Ep#38 How Paul Coghlan survived a 10% chance to live

Timeline In 2018, Paul Coghlan was given less than 10% chance to survive AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), but he lived to tell his story. Paul has no doubt that staying positive and focused saved his life. 23 sessions of Intensive chemotherapy within the first 9 days after admission and a total of 6 months in […]

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Ep#37 Life After Cancer with Catriona Briggs Evans

Catriona's story is one of Inner Strength, Courage and Belief.  She survived cancer and speaks today about courage, being vulnerable and the importance of communicating. Catriona has spoken at mental health events, the inspirational Heart of Gold award ceremony, Women in Business event and Fearless Female events. From Catriona’s experiences she focuses on resilience in […]

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